About Me

Jordan Surentu born & raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a son of an actor and musician he already visited film sets & big productions at a young age. It wasn’t a surprise for his parents that Jordan himself had a strong & diverse sense for the arts. In high school he joined a theatre class and really started to show a strong interest into life behind the camera’s. 

Jordan loved capturing unseen details to portray beauty and aesthetics. After high school he continued his creative journey and started his studies as a graphic designer. In his early twenties his mom recognized Jordans creativity to be unique and something that needed further support. She encouraged him to travel of to the Netherlands to discover his roots and explore and develop further on the road of creativity. 

Coming to the Netherlands has build perseverance into his character as he literally had to learn the language, adapt to the culture and build up his life from scratch. For quite a few years Jordan worked in the music scene at Gibson. All this time his first love for photography & videography stayed. 

After a trip back to Indonesia he realized that it was all or nothing. Right after this trip he took a courageous step and went all in to pursue his biggest passion : PHOTOGRAPHY. In the last couple of years this led to beautiful & new experiences that have sparked even more passion. Jordan is exclusively working with a well known artist en Jewellery company, has done shoots with Anna Nooshin , Melissa Drost and many others, including portfolio’s shoots for (upcoming) models.

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